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Some Fine Points of Fine Art CRAFT

Oh yes! It wouldn't hurt to be somewhat knowledgeable about the different types of so-called "fine art". Again, I will confine my comments to works of art hung on walls, often called "two dimensional" art.

Lets start with works on CANVAS. I say "canvas" because canvas has been an ideal support through the centuries. Properly cared for canvas is durable, pliable, comparatively lightweight and easily transported. Nevertheless, other very viable supports may be wood, glass, metal, plastics and whatever can be properly prepared to keep the paint on surface and in position for generations.

A second regular category involves paper of various sorts, which must be protected with a covering of protective glass or acrylic and a backing of an acid-free support. Furthermore, it sometimes helps if the protective glass or acrylic glazing were glare resistant in order to clearly view the art; and it would certainly help if the glazing offered ultraviolet ray (UV) protection to help avoid fading due to strong sunlight.

But lets get to the painting, itself. You know it needs to "speak" to you; if possible, maybe even "sing" to you. Don't overly concern yourself with how a professional art critic would judge the painting. If you love it, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Stick to your guns! You are the one who will be having daily conversations with it.

HOWEVER, there are some points of consideration with which one might normally deal:

Design, soft or strong, but definite.
Is there a subject to be focused on? Do you like the way the   subject fits into the space?

Subject, desirable.
Do you relate to the subject? Do you enjoy thinking about it? Has the artist selected the subject as his/her specialty, to present in unique ways? Is it an interestingly rare subject for that particular artist - or for any artist?

Color, pleasing.

Are the colors clean and crisp (even the grays), or dirty gray and muddy? Is light being used to give form or space?

 Style, consistent or nicely evolving
Is the artist's body of work consistent and recognizably his/hers: or is the artist interestingly evolving into his/her style. Are you most comfortable with a familiar or nameable style or are you receptive to the artist's explorations?

Yes, you are encouraged to ask yourself questions along your path to enhancing your walls. My Article #5 deals with how to "shape up" a "Collection". If you haven't already, you may accept my invitation to join my art interested email members and receive related information. If you have a question or care to make a direct comment, please contact me here.

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