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 Finding The Art that APPEALS To You

Wall paper can be beautiful. Photographs can be beautiful. Yet, nothing seems to compare with imaginative and beautifully crafted FINE ART. Painted art has a quality that allows a spiritual feeling that can seep under your skin and encourage you to feel mellow, or excited, or full of grace . . . some images more than others, depending on your special preferences.

Did I just say YOUR special preferences?

I can't help it! I had might as well tell you at the outset that my first concern is "The VISUAL APPEAL"to you. There must be something about the image that resonates with your spirit; that takes you down an enticing, welcoming path; that startles or stirs a memory or desire, or opens a door to inquisitiveness; OR makes you feel warm and cuddly. For me, such benefits are necessary.

Next, one might think in terms of EXPENSE . . . but, NO! That, too often, colors, or should I say "discolors", your entry path into the magic of image appreciation. If you are definitely in the process of finding a way to have your walls sing and converse with you, forget about the cost. Simply seek the singing, zinging image(s). Maybe you don't want to purchase just now, anyway. Maybe you want to explore a little more of this world of art possibilities.

But YES! There comes a time when you have seen enough to give you strong ideas about WHAT EXPRESSES YOU! Now! If you can manage to combine your selected image decisions with an honest grasp of your budgetary possibilities, you are ready to add unimaginable excitement to your life.

You might have no problem with gracing your home with ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINALS. That is nearly always ideal when economically possible. In that case, you may be in, or put yourself into a happy world of "collectors". The world awaits you as you, yourself, become a living artist's esteemed treasure called a "collector".

The second economic tier would be LIMITED EDITION PRINTS. Of course, you must bear in mind, there can be such variations within a one-of-a-kind group and within a limited edition print group that cost/value assessments can favor some rare prints over some more ordinary one-of-a-kind originals. They can sometimes play back and forth between the lines of cost and value. So, again, forget about cost."Value" is important, yet can be fickle. Rely on that which would continuously please you and "feed" your heart.

Beyond - or maybe I should say below - those two upper echelons (realms, strata or economic regions) are UNLIMITED PRINTS AND POSTERS. Their value, primarily, lies in your appreciation of the image and what it does for the grace, harmony and energy of your home, office or get-away space. Unless you are too immersed in the devastations of life to appreciate moments of beauty, calmness, enjoyable excitement, or comforting mementos, you can likely arrange your budget to allow for the purchase of such; even if it means, as they say, packing a paper bag lunch some days. In other words: no sweat! You can create your own paradise. Money does not buy happiness, but how you spend your money can.

Finally, PRESENTATION is the icing on the cake of pleasing yourself. Your work of art must be supported in order to be held on the wall. Your personal masterpiece needs you to choose a SUPPORTING FRAME, either elaborate or simple. Usually, the frame plays second fiddle, allowing the focus to be on the picture. The frame sort of holds forth, declaring:: "Here is my work of art. I clothe my art in such a way as to let you focus upon my art, while I merely serve to compliment it."

However, if you happen to have a hand carved frame, or choose one so unique and special it calls attention to itself, such a frame simply demands a strong, engaging image inside to equal its force and focus.

Opposite this "simple" or "fancy" frame spectrum is the recent "NO FRAME" approach. It has become popular to create  canvases with the painted surface extended all around the sides. Therefore, no frame is necessary for this cool, "today's look". Or you might think of it as the kind of look that approaches the archival look of ancient rock paintings. Simply let space and air frame it.

At this point I am led to say: ART IS ever so ENGAGING. The engagement does not require marriage but the living with, or shacking up with it, is tantalizing, to say the least. Hmmm.

My article # 2 will deal with: Finding TIME to search for the art that appeals to you.

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Doris Price, painter, printmaker
Soft guidance for the hard choice of  finding art especially for YOU.

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