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Finding TIME to Search for Your Art

So! You are busy! Household demands, employment demands, demands of children, demands of parents, educational demands, religious demands! Wow! Demands, demands, demands! How will  you ever find the time to engage in visual art appreciation?

Well, lets see. Must you take your family to the park? Well, okay, try going to a park to see an outdoor art exhibition. Or go to a museum on occasion. Certainly "art" museums have art. Even science or historical museums often have "art". Those afternoon adventures could prove to be fantastic "art" ventures.

And if you are dating, smile as you challenge your date to accompany you to such an "art"venture. Galleries have "Openings" and you may manage to get your wine there instead of at some bar. Just don't forget to pay some attention to the paintings as well as to your date.

Then you could make it a point to become aware of "art" in your normal course of the day. I'm sure you are familiar with the saying: "Take time to smell the roses". I'm sure you know there are times when you should slow down and breathe more deeply. I'm equally sure it is likely that you sleep no more than - lets be generous and say - eight to ten hours a day, leaving at least fourteen hours to sneak at least one peek at organized beauty or art in some form, within each of your days. Just as you might stop and smell the roses, you might stop to recognize the existence of "art".

Look on the magazine page, in the gallery window, in a shop window, on an office wall, in the library, and in the homes of your friends.

I could go on. Its like when you are in the market for a new car, you check out all the new cars on the road.

Its like when you are newly pregnant, you pay a moment of attention to all the other pregnant women you see.

Its like when divorce is a new part of  your life experience, your ears become very alert to any comparable experience of all others

But lets continue by referring to art on the television which, in all probability you would chance upon by accident. At least pause to look at the art.

Then lets consider the use of your computer, not only the ultimate in containment of everything, but also accessible at all times.

Yes, your computer can bring forth a multitude of visual interest at any time you want. That will save you time. The quality of "art" shown may range from the very best to the very worst. However you can test your reactions to what you see without having to
spend time transporting yourself to be in front of the image.

You can "Google" the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC or any other world famous museum and, in a comparatively short amount of time, see what the world acclaims. You can "Google" for galleries or ask for art exhibitions to see what is being offered. "Bookmarking" any site you find appealing will save you time for a hasty return to the site of your choice. 

You could even fully check out my site at http://www.artbuyprice.com and its accompanying:
http://www.cafepress.com/NAeastart and http://www.cafepress.com/Jazart
shops. Why not? Just do not let TIME be your problem.

 My article #3  will deal with more precisely finding WHERE to search for your art choices.

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Doris Price, painter, printmaker
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