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Deciding WHERE to Search for Heart Tugging Art 

Now you are getting serious. You have found that everybody has the same amount of time, you just have to strategically set aside special time or make time do double duty while taking the kids to art in the park, or taking a date to a few museums, or some such.

"ART MUSEUMS" . . . did I say: "museums"? Museums are sometimes thought of as musty containers of beauty of the past. But, as they say: what goes around, comes around; and what is old becomes new. Furthermore, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Somebody has said that each item in each museum has special value. It may be a matter of its meeting the consensus of a great majority of influential people as to what is beauty. It may be a matter of a few very influential (and moneyed) people determining its beauty.

Some items (paintings . . . I will limit myself to two dimensional wall art) may be considered excitingly beautiful or a few so (excuse me, but . . .) so curiously ugly as to challenge you to find its beauty. Just go with an open mind and challenge yourself to find that which intrigues and delights you and that which stuns you in one way or another.

"ART GALLERIES" are those wonderful commercial enterprises which function for the purpose of selling. Their activities, necessarily, must be financially supporting. Their owners and personnel believe you will appreciate the artworks which they have to offer. Usually they find some way to give their offerings a special focus and often delight in speaking of various insights regarding an artist and his/her works.  

You could note the titles and the fascinating aspects of particularly appealing works you have seen in certain galleries. Give a unique title to the mental (or written) folder you create from your visits and, perhaps, include a notation of some really special painting here and there.

Remember, however, that galleries must "move" their art. They may keep a small supply of limited edition works, but the one-of-a-kind works are likely to be sold or, for some reason, disappear with the "close" of a show - if not before. When you recognize a heart tugging treasure, it may be wise to "speak up" and make purchasing "arrangements".

Looking beyond museums and galleries, there are art seeking options revealed by means of newspaper art sections, by religiously affiliated bulletins, by roadside advertisements and such. The desire to express oneself abounds and it certainly pleases any artist to share his/her accomplished creation. Exhibitions may be found at:

  •   art leagues and art centers
  •   benefit art auctions
  •   libraries
  •   restaurants
  •   outdoor parks
  •   indoor religious institutions
  •   colleges and universities
  •  commercially sponsored state or regional settings

Also, don't forget flea markets and estate sales where, for a pittance, one may luck upon a million dollar creation that has been overlooked. It has happened.

My #4 article will deal with:

Exploring fine points of Fine Art CRAFT

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