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Selecting HANGING SPACE Within Your Place

At last you say, "YesThis beautiful, precious art is mine!"

You gingerly handle it with satisfying pleasure divine.


Where should you place it within your space?

Perhaps you already have in mind the place.

Over the fireplace, over the sofa; over the headboard of your bed.

In the foyer; down the hall. It fits well in the dining room instead.

Being small for intimate gazing,

The way it fits in, is really amazing.

Its so large it bounces off the wall.

Can you imagine a painting so tall?

How in the world can you hang it there?

What can you use as your best hardware?

Know where your studs are.

Get a studfinder.

How tall are your people?

Use a string snap reminder.

You have three choices which you may consider:

Level at the top, level at the bottom or

Center each painting to be uniquely at eye level.

But what the devil! Whose eye level?

Choose some more,

Even over the door.

Move it back

To where you had it before.

Ye gads now.

You must decide.

Get it done. . .

Before the day has died.

May you continue to enjoy future art collection quests;

May your spirit be lightened as you saunter among your choices.

May family, friends or any special guests,

Express their similar rejoices.

BUT! It is only YOU - your spirit and soul -

With which we are personally concerned.

May you artfully enwrap your walls as you would like.

Your pleasure and joy have been earned.


Learn a little. Ask a lot.

Make a decision. Enjoy what you've got.

Re-read these articles,

Perhaps for the fun.

Or, seriously collect and

Become a wise collector, well known.


You are welcome to print and collect these articles and even share them, but NOT for commercial purposes! 

Just leave the words and credits intact. Please. Thank you.

Doris Price, painter, printmaker
Soft guidance for the hard choice of finding art especially for YOU.
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