presented to have your thoughts
 as they touch upon some

Marigolds & Pears, Plus ARTBUYPRICE (Art by Doris Price) uniquely exhibits the perspectives of a country girl who went to the big city and found "art" beyond arranging floral bouquets.

She became fascinated with
painting, using different mediums and surfaces to express her concepts of beauty.

Maiden Dancing In The Forest, detail ARTBUYPRICE (Art by Doris Price) has been boldly influenced by her being the youngest sibling and learning to be quiet, yet fly-on-the-wall observant. Caught in a cross cultural genetic web, she leaned back, listened, observed and learned the ways of the world toward  different, "multicultural" appearances. Understanding and appreciating those cultural and cross-cultural differences became her challenge.

Trumpeter, Playing To Ancestral Spirits, detail
Doris Price) speaks to the concepts Doris has formed from those cultures she has been privileged to experience: Native American, European American and, of course, JAZZ and its African ... changing to African-American variations. 

With the world and human inclinations being as they are, toss a bit of Asian and Mid-Eastern influences into the genetic pool and ... simply
put ... everyone could be woven together - each seeking to create and enjoy an altruistic "American"
transformation in spite of temptingly selfish inclinations to retain personal cultural differences.

What better way to explore and share the understanding of cultural differences, than with ART?
-      with pretty paintings
     -      with inquisitive paintings
           -      with provocative paintings
               -      with expressive paintings
                     -      with revealing paintings

As you probably know, when you find
art that "speaks" to you, you can find yourself smiling, with a shiver or two running up and down your spine.  Maybe you have had the experience - or more than a few such experiences with the fascination of ART.

In order to create ART, constant decisions intermingle with mystical, plan-altering surprises.

In order to
appreciate ART, wonder and beauty tend to
get all mixed up with emotional memory.

Preferably, that which attracts you gives you pleasure. Your eyes caress an image. You are happy to surround yourself with images that lighten and brighten your day. Your spaces - home, office, or vacation get-away - have images that cause you to smile as you walk by them.

Or do they? Do your walls give off the kind of image vibrations that truly "speak" to you?
Do you, and whatever art you have surrounding you, carry on pleasant conversations? Does your spirit dance as you walk through your rooms and along your hallways. Are you  happy to share your art with your family and your guests?. . . . Or, is it time to refurbish, renew and dedicate some artistic changes to your personal space and celebrate your latest moments of maturity?

Why not come with us on this adventurous journey through my forested  "beauty and culture-conscious" world of ART. Whether as reproductions or as originals,  my works can offer you some stimulating moments of  "I-never-thought-about-it-that-way" enchantment; or, "yes, I do remember it that way" reminiscences.

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